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Welcome to Clickit18

Clickit18 FAQ's will host regular golf events for its members. Look at the schedule of Clickit18 events and choose one to play your next round of golf. All Clickit18 events are designed for golfers to have fun and enjoy the company of other members at the golf course. All events will include an optional "skins" game for interested players.

Please look at our event schedule below and come join us! To play in these events you must sign up and pay online. If you have any questions regarding these events please email

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Current Schedule

DateCourseEvent NameFeeFieldDeadline 
09/25/2014Cleghorn Plantation Clickit18 - 10 am Start $18.00 2009/25/2014
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09/18/2014Larkhaven Golf Club MEGA Clickit18 - 9:30am $26.00 4009/18/2014
View Field
09/10/2014Verdict Ridge Country Club Clickit18 - 10am Start (Wednesday) (Results) $40.00 2409/10/2014 View Results
09/03/2014Crescent Golf Club Clickit18 - 10am Start (Wednesday) (Results) $25.00 1209/03/2014 View Results
08/28/2014Ballantyne Golf Club (Public) Clickit18 - 9:40am Start (Results) $45.00 2408/28/2014 View Results
08/21/2014Waterford Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:10 am Start (Results) $28.00 2008/21/2014 View Results
08/14/2014Emerald Lake Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:15 am Start (Results) $35.00 2008/14/2014 View Results
08/07/2014The Golf Club at Irish Creek Clickit18 - 9 am Start (Results) $49.00 2408/07/2014 View Results
07/31/2014Stonebridge Golf Club Clickit18 - 10:15 am Start (Results) $35.00 2007/31/2014 View Results
07/24/2014Carolina Lakes Golf Club Clickit18 - 10 am Start (Results) $39.00 2007/24/2014 View Results
07/16/2014Tega Cay Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:30 am Start (Results) $32.00 1607/16/2014 View Results
07/10/2014Westport Golf Club Clickit18 - 10 am Start (Results) $25.00 1607/10/2014 View Results
07/03/2014The Tradition Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:30am Start (Results) $36.00 2007/03/2014 View Results
06/26/2014Verdict Ridge Country Club Clickit18 - 9:50am Start (Results) $40.00 2006/26/2014 View Results
06/19/2014Regent Park Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:50am Start (Results) $39.00 2006/19/2014 View Results
06/11/2014The Divide Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:00am Start (Results) $28.00 2006/11/2014 View Results
06/04/2014Eagle Chase Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:10am Start (Results) $25.00 2006/04/2014 View Results
05/29/2014Red Bridge Golf & CC Clickit18 - 10:00am Start (Results) $33.00 2005/29/2014 View Results
05/22/2014Lincoln Country Club Clickit18 - 9:40am Start (Results) $25.00 2005/22/2014 View Results
05/08/2014Renaissance Park Clickit18 - 9:00am Start (Results) $35.00 2005/08/2014 View Results
05/01/2014Rocky River Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:40am Start (Results) $42.00 2005/01/2014 View Results
04/24/2014Larkin Golf Club (Formerly Fox Den GC) Clickit18 - 10:00am Start (Results) $34.00 2404/24/2014 View Results
04/17/2014Edgewater Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:30am Start (Results) $30.00 1604/17/2014 View Results
04/11/2014Olde Sycamore Plantation Clickit18 - 8:10 am Start (Results) $45.00 1104/11/2014 View Results
04/02/2014Verdict Ridge Country Club Clickit18 - 9:50 am Start (Results) $37.00 2304/02/2014 View Results
03/28/2014Monroe Country Club Clickit18 - 9:30 am Start (Results) $33.00 1203/28/2014 View Results
03/20/2014Larkhaven Golf Club Clickit18 - 10:00am Start (Results) $27.50 2403/20/2014 View Results
03/11/2014Birkdale Golf Club Clickit18 - 9:00 am Start (Results) $34.00 2403/11/2014 View Results
03/05/2014Cabarrus Country Club Clickit18 - 9:20am Start (Results) $47.00 2003/05/2014 View Results